Fusing the art and science of reputation management

Reputation and Social Capital Consultants (RepSoc) is a specialist reputation, stakeholder relationships, organizational trust and communications consulting practice. RepSoc is a Pan-African practice based in Johannesburg, South Africa with a truly global footprint which it leverages from its international partners.

RepSoc�s Value Proposition

All our interventions, products and solutions will deliver value in three ways to our clients:

1.       Effectiveness � A suite of products and solutions here will ensure that Corporate Affairs/Communications/Corporate Relations/PR Departments are more effective in efforts, interventions and activities to build, manage their organization�s reputation, relationships and trust. All communications and engagement activities should be fit for their purpose and deliver the supportive behavior sought by the organization from their stakeholders

2.       Efficiency � Another suite of products and solutions ensures that Corporate Affairs/Communications/Corporate Relations/PR Departments are efficient in the operational processes they adopt to deliver effective interventions and engagements. This includes new departmental structure and design and capabilities architecture to ensure that team are �in flow�.

3.       Return on Investment � In our world, this is not a financial metric. This is achieved through measurement of the strategic value Corporate Affairs/Communications/Corporate Relations/PR Departments as a support function are supposed to add to the organization. This value is management of the organisation�s reputation, trust and relationships. Return on investment is therefore interpreted to mean reputational capital, social capital and organizational trust. All the efforts aimed at efficiency and effectiveness must translate into a successful management of reputation, relationships and trust as intangible assets of the organization.

RepSoc  Products and Services

RepSoc�s products and services are organized into three (3) practice areas which are aligned to the three ways we deliver strategic value-add to our clients.

  • Effectiveness - Are you effective in building and managing your stakeholder relationships and corporate reputation?
  • Efficiency - Are your stakeholder, corporate reputation and communication operations efficient?
  • Performance Measurement - Are you delivering strategy value-add to the business?

Each one of these three practice areas consists of individual products that either have been developed in-house by RepSoc or leveraged from best-practice partners sourced from all over the world.



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