Creating Stakeholder-Facing Businesses

Our fundamental objective is to lead our clients in the transformation process to become “stakeholder-facing” organizations. A “stakeholder-facing” organization represents a fundamental shift in understanding the purpose of a business. This is a shift from a singular focus on maximizing shareholder returns to creating organizational wealth. Wealth defined in both tangible and intangible terms is created differently for different stakeholders. To survive and thrive, stakeholder-facing organizations define and deliver value and manage the organization for the creation of wealth for all its stakeholders. Corporate performance is therefore measured not only in terms of financial returns to investors but also in terms of wealth and value created for employees, suppliers, communities, customers, government etc.

This is achieved through the management of three intangible assets of the organization:

1.       Reputation

2.       Relationships

3.       Trust

This is what REPSOC is about.

REPSOC’s Consulting Approach

We help organizations to understand and define the relationship currency with their stakeholders (expected stakeholder satisfaction and contributions) and then develop appropriate strategic interventions to build, maintain organizational relationships, trust and reputation. We also identify the appropriate organizational processes and capabilities required to support the strategies and sustain the relationships, reputation and organizational trust.


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