In this practice, we help organization capture the return of their investment on building reputation, relationships and trust. Reputation capital is measured and benchmarked to track its growth in comparison to peer industry players. Relationship capital through trust with individual stakeholders is also tracked and measured. These become intangible assets for the organization.

1.       Reputation Capital � This is a research-based process which ascertains how stakeholders view the organization according to 7 reputation drivers. We leverage the expertise of Plus 94 Research who are our research partners to carry out this quantification process.

2.       Trust Barometer � We define trust as a state where stakeholders make themselves vulnerable to the organization based on positive expectation and good faith in the organisation�s integrity. This is one of the major drivers of relationships between an organization and its stakeholders. This is a research-based process in which we seek to understand how the various stakeholders evaluate the organization on the 6 Trust Drivers. This study allows us to produce a Trust Barometer as an Index to indicate the state of relationships between the organization and its stakeholders. This Barometer is a major driver of the Relationship Capital of the organization.

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