In this practice we help organizations develop effective strategic interventions to build relationships, trust and reputation. There are three (3) products under this practice:

1.       Strategy Development -  Our strategy development is divided into four phases

a.       Strategic audits � We seek to understand first before we expect to be understood. We seek to listen first before we speak. This is where to hold conversations with both internal and external stakeholders to understand the different issue drivers in the organizations.

b.      Strategic Analysis � Inputs from the audits are then analyzed in detail to understand and define:

                                                               i.      Stakeholder segmentation model

                                                             ii.      Stakeholder Satisfaction and Contributions

                                                            iii.      Issue prioritization

                                                           iv.      Stakeholder prioritization

c.       Solutions Crafting � Typically, interventions are organized into three areas:

                                                               i.      Values and policies

                                                             ii.      Perceptions and Positioning

                                                            iii.      Issue and Engagement

We define the objectives, the stakeholders, the sought supportive behavior and relevant platforms.

d.      Implementation plan � We then consolidate all of these into an implementation framework with timelines, responsible parties and estimated budgets

2.       Message Architecture and Language Development � Language and messaging is so important that we have developed it as a separate field altogether. We start from the premise that �its not what you say, its what they hear�. We have leveraged the unparalleled expertise of a global leader in this area of language development and that Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research (LMSR) a United States-based company and the only one in the world that specializes in messaging and language. This is the only language laboratory in the world and we are proud to their Partner for the African continent. The right words can transform how your stakeholders look at your company. The right words can make the difference between action and inertia, success and failure. As an example, 42% of people in the US said the government was spending too much on welfare and 23% said too little was being spent. However when the words were changed, 68% said the government was spending too little on assistance to the poor and only 7% said too much was being spent. Difference of two words: welfare and assistance to the poor. Do you understand how the words you are using resonate with your stakeholders. Which words work in your communications and which do not?

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