This practice addresses the business processes and capabilities to build and maintain an organisation�s reputation, relationships and trust. There are two (2) products under this practice:

1.       Reputation Management Software � RepSoc is the African partner of dna 13, a Canadian-based company that has developed a revolutionary software that allows for the efficiency in the management of the communications function. Dna 13 is a work-flow system that integrates all the various communications and stakeholder activities into a single environment, enabling better input management, throughput and outputs and ultimately better outcomes.

2.       Departmental/Divisional Structure Design and Capability Management � We believe Corporate Affairs/Communications/ PR departments have to be designed differently. We believe the design must be based on an �account management� principle. Other internal departments must be treated as accounts. The function should support them deliver the contributions from and satisfaction to the stakeholders. Job designs will change. Account team will be different from competence teams. Through our partnership with Bioss Southern Africa, we apply their tried and tested themes of work model to understand and audit which employees are �in flow� and which are not and design the necessary corrective mechanisms

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